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I can get my mail but can't send any?

Symptom: on any email client, when sending mail, one gets an SMTP error saying: can't connect to the server... or relaying denied.

Reason: The new server does not support POP-BEFORE-SENDMAIL authentication anymore .

In your email software, check in the Outgoing Mail Server Settings to see if SMTP authentication is enabled. if it is not, enable it.  This section of your settings may be called "Outgoing Server" or "SMTP Server" ... enter your username and password here.

See our Articles about Enabling SMTP Authentication:

If SMTP authentication is enabled, but you can't send any mail at all (not even to, you will also need to change the SMTP server port number to 587.

Most ISPs (Cox or Starpower, Comcast, and now Verizon) are filtering port 25 (SMTP port) as an anti-spam measure.

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