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Articles in Apple Mail Troubleshooting (Mac,iPhone, iPad)

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Troubleshooting Secure Certificate Issues in Email 20 days ago  4344
Mac Mail: switching from POP to IMAP 2 months ago  120
Setting up the IMAP prefix path on iPhone/ipad (IMAP root folder) 9 months ago  606
Multiple passwords in keychain: Mac Mail keeps asking for password, then get 'unable to verify password' 1 year ago  1650
Not receiving new mail: email account is offline in Mac Mail app 1 year ago  771
Unable to Verify Account Name or Password on Mac 2 years ago  1237
Setting up an email alias on Mail on OS X and iOS 3 years ago  1891
Mac Mail Yosemite account settings: disable "Automatically detect and maintain settings" 3 years ago  2341
MacOS Sierra keychain keeps asking for the passphrase 3 years ago  1177
Apple Mail stops working for IMAP, SMTP or both. 3 years ago  1080
Trusting an updated certificate in Mac Mail or iPhone 3 years ago  1669
Common issues with Apple Mail (iOS: Mac, iPhone, iPad) 3 years ago  14035
Deleting a Certificate in Mac keychain access 3 years ago  1553
Sync Apple iCal calendar with Zimbra on 4 years ago  2435
Mac mail under Snow Leopard: SSL certificate hostname mismatch 4 years ago  3982
Mac Mail: Set up trust for the SSL certificate 4 years ago  4442
Mac Mail: Subscribe to IMAP Email folders 4 years ago  3399
Mac/iPhone/iPad imap mail not saving sent message 5 years ago  3173
Known issue with Apple Mail and El Capitan. 5 years ago  4162
Mac Mail (Mountain Lion): Trust a certificate 7 years ago  3542
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