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Enable SMTP Authentication for Mac Mail OS X

For email accounts hosted on one of our Zimbra Email servers:
Confirm the name of the Plesk server: It should have been sent to you when the account was set up.
Your webmail address looks like: use as mail host name.

1- Open the Mail app on your Mac.
2- Choose Mail > Preferences
3- Select Accounts and choose your e-mail account.
3- Click Server Settings, Scroll down to the "Outgoing Mail Server" section; click on the "Outgoing Mail Server" drop-down menu, then choose "Edit SMTP Server List".
4- Select the your current HIS server in the list (It could show as or
5- Click to edit it, or if you do not see it, click on + to add a server:
Server Settings should be:
User Name: your whole email address.
Password: Your current email password
Host Name:
Uncheck Automatically manage connection settings: Uncheck
Port: enter 587 (or 465 if 587 does not work).
Check Use SSL/TLS.
6- Click OK.
7- You have now setup the HIS outgoing mail server.
Make sure that '' is selected in the drop-down menu next to 'Outgoing Mail Server'
8- Click 'Save' to keep the changes
9- Restart Mac Mail: Close it and re-open it so It will use the new settings.

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