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Email Setup on Samsung Galaxy S4

1- Click on your Mail icon on the front screen of the phone. If you cannot locate the Mail icon on your screen, touch the Applications icon in the lower right corner and then you should be able to find it.

2- If you have yet to set up an email account on your phone, you will be taken to a screen with two fields.

  • Email address: enter your email address
  • Password: enter your email password

After you have entered the correct information, touch the Manual Settings button at the bottom of the screen.

3- Select IMAP, Account. We do recommend IMAP for setting up email accounts on a phone
After making your selection, you will see a page that asks for several fields of information.

4- IMAP Settings

  • User Name: Enter your FULL email address, even though the preset does not have the entire address. For example:
  • Password Enter the password for the email account.
  • IMAP Server:
  • Port: 993 for IMAP with SSL
  • Security Type: SSL or TLS (All Certificates)
  • IMAP Path Prefix: leave blank

Once you have entered your settings, touch the Next button found at the bottom of the screen.

Your phone will now check the incoming settings with the server to ensure they are correct and that it can connect. Once it has been confirmed, you will be taken to the next screen.

5- Outgoing Server Settings

  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 587
  • Security Type: TLS (Accept All Certificates)
  • Require Sign-in: Check this box for requiring SMTP authentication
  • User Name: As with the incoming server, use your entire email address.
  • Password: The password for the email address.

Once you have set the Outgoing settings, click on the Next button to continue.

6- Account Options screen.
This asks for a couple of last minute details about the frequency of checking emails and whether you want a notification when new email arrives.
Click the Next button when finished.

7- Set Up Email screen. Here you will give the mail account a name to identify the account on your phone.
You will also be asked for the name you want to display on outgoing emails.

8- Click on the Done button and you are all set to send and receive email on your phone.

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